Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Message from the Parents and Friends of Christ's College (PFA)

Dear Centarian,

The following message has been received from the Parents and friends Association of Christ's College. They have asked as to pass it on to CRA members in the hope that they will add their voice (at least digitally) to the cause.

As you may know the PFA has been trying to persuade Barnet Council to provide the school with the extra funding it urgently needs to fix its leaking roof. These leaks which occur throughout the school make many areas completely unusable after heavy rain and cause damage to walls, floors and ceilings. So far the Council have not offered any concrete support and seem to be suggesting that we must wait until the school can be rebuilt - this is at least 3 years away, if it happens at all. We have therefore decided to start a campaign to encourage Barnet to take our concerns seriously. We now have a PFA website which has details of school's problems and an online petition. This is very quick and simple to do. Please have a look at the website and sign up - and pass the link onto friends and family if you can. The more names we get on, the more likely it is that the Council will listen. The website address is:
Thank you.