Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Unit's Queens Colour - featured in the Daily Mail

Congratulations to eagle -eyed Centarian Bill Hintze who saw this in yesterday's Daily Mail (18th May 2013)

Hi, Everyone,
I just was catching up on reading yesterday’s Daily Mail and was looking through the Queen’s Coronation Special magazine with the paper and as I got to Page 7 there was a photo of loads of people, as it said in the caption, “painstakingly hand-painting official flags and banners”.  Well, in the foreground there was the Unit’s very own Queen’s Colour part-way through completion; clearly seen in the centre decal is “Christ’s College CCF” surrounded by “Duke of Cambridge Own Middlesex Regt”.

I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing.   What a coincidence the Colour was photographed along with all the other Coronation flags etc.  I think it was taken at Edgington’s flag factory at Sidcup, Kent.