Sunday, 14 July 2013

Events in Barnet of interest to Centarians

Centarians might like to be aware that the re-dedication of the Middlesex Regiment War Memorial is to take place in the Ridgeway, Mill Hill, on this coming Thursday (18th July). If you already had this event in your diary you should be aware that the parade time has been altered to 2pm 
Secondly, the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment are to parade through Barnet on Saturday 20th July starting at 11am as part of their "Exercise of the Freedom of the Borough".
The troops and band will leave Queen Elizabeth's Girls School before being inspected in the courtyard of Barnet College, prior to marching to Barnet TA Centre, and hence by coaches to a Reception at Middlesex University.   The troops on parade will form part of the UK's final large contingent in Afghanistan departing for Operation HERRICK 19 in the Autumn.
Both events are open to the public and any members who are available are encouraged to attend.  Arthur Banham, Brian Fuller and Mick Crick will be attending the re-dedication.