Saturday, 9 March 2013

The 2013 CRA Dinner


This year's CRA Dinner will be held at Southover on 7th June.

Invitation letters will be sent in the post towards the end of March but it will aid planning (and cost!) if members respond to the email invitation sent on the 9th March.

For convenience, the invitation letter can also be downloaded directly from the CRA website or via the link below.

This year, following extensive discussion, we are extending the invitation to the wives and partners of Centarians and we hope that this will encourage greater attendance levels. We will also be reducing the number (and length) of speeches in order for the social nature of the evening to come to the fore.

If you haven't attended a CRA dinner for a while, this may well be a good year to return.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Ricochet 2013

Dear Members
We are intending to produce the next edition of our Association magazine "Ricochet" in time for the annual dinner on 7th June.
I'm sure you know that any magazine is only as good as its content and that club and association magazines such as ours rely largely on its membership for content.
So I'm writing today to ask you to put pen to paper (or these days fingers to keyboard). 
We would like to hear from you if you have any news that might go in "Notes and Jottings" or maybe a longer article that will stand on its own.  This might be recollections of your time in the cadets or during any form of military service or a more recent trip or visit with a military or similar theme or any other subject which you think might be of interest.
Photographs, drawings and cartoons are always welcome. 
We can receive material by email or post and can copy any original photos or negatives, etc which will then be posted back to you.
We would like to receive any material by Easter but our very last deadline would be the first week in May.
Please do not ignore this request and simply delete this email in the assumption that "someone else will produce something".  Remember if we don't get any articles we won't be able to produce our magazine.  Its up to you - our members.
Thanks in anticipation.
Look forward to seeing lots of you at  our dinner on 7th June,
Mick Crick
(Chairman & Magazine Secretary)